A downloadable game for Windows

Anniversary vacation in a escape room, what could go wrong?

Short horror-ish game that can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes.

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UrbanMorbus-AV-PC.zip 547 MB
UrbanMorbus-AV-Oculus.zip 499 MB

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hi, big thx for another scary game. greetings from rosti 🙏🤩

Hi Rostiger, thanks you for the video !



This was really nicely put together & i liked the 4 monitors puzzle alot, the chases had me panicking so much too as you can see here haha great job on this one :)

Thanks for the video and trying out Urban Morbus ! Sorry to hear you had some troubles with it, hopefully things I can solve in upcoming releases.


I played your game on my channel. Thanks for submitting it.

Thanks for the video !


H'ello comrades! I'm back with part 2 of this game in my channel. uwu.  Here's the second video. 

Thanks again for the video!


Hallo!  So this video wasn't supposed to be made but I did anyway as a little 2 part series.  I didn't know the game was updated when I downloaded it, and I felt meepers.  I was on the 0.11 I think before I realized it. I had fun making this video though! It was a lot of fun!

Thanks for the video and taking extra effort doing second part! Enjoyed watching your gameplay and glad to hear that you did like the game.


Hello, i have made a little video review for your game.

I wrote more details in the video description, but the main idea is that I'm stuck. I hope the video will help you understand the bug, and if it was not a bug, please write what I did wrong.

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Hi, thanks for message and the video! You have to close the door from the room where the note is, otherwise trap will be activated if you try to leave the downstairs. After you exit the downstairs, you no longer have to worry about closing any doors.

Next to the phone you will find a note which has following line "Keep staff areas secure by closing door when not in use, failure to comply with the policy will result to fatal disciplinary action being taken." I do apologize if some of the messages/notes are not clear enough. As english is not my native language, game might contain quite many typos and hard to read text content.


Sorry, I'm so ashamed…

English is also not my main language, so I didn't study the notes thoroughly, in addition there was a video recording and it was impossible to leave the screen on notes for a long time. I will pass this hint to my channel colleague, who will overwrite the video.

Perhaps it makes sense to make some kind of hint for the player if he dies several times in the same place (for those who are not smart like me)

There is no need to feel ashamed! I do understand that players wont always read all the text content, this was one of the reasons I decided to include the trap and force players to read notes when they are available.

I will look into improving notes text content and include some sort of "hint notification popup" in upcoming update. Thanks for the suggestion and feedback !


Very interesting story.

Thanks for playing and making the video! Already started working on few things based on your commentary. 


no worries :)

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Thanks for playing and making the video!


This game's pretty tough but also a lot of fun. Some parts took me a while to figure out but eventually I made it into the elevator. Great job on this game! I can't wait to see what's next!


Thanks for playing and making the video! I do apologize about performance issues. Video did gave me good amount of feedback and ideas what to fix in next update.